While I was in high school, I was involved with Cadet Teaching and Preschool Practicum. Those were the first time I experienced in the environment of classrooms as an educator, and it was such an amazing experience. I began to realize what teachers have to go through, and how hard teachers have to work. I truly believe teaching involves professionalism, which relates to hard work. Additionally, teaching is a work of heart, and you are responsible for the children in the classrooms.

Things can really be different if you know you are doing a job that you are really passionate about (Illinois Education Association, 2015). That is what we need as educators. Educators need to be passionate about their jobs, and care about their children in the classroom. Furthermore, you have to be willing to spend extra time in order to meet the needs of your children. For instance, when I was working in second grade, I was designing a bulletin board. I realized that I really did not have much time to work on the bulletin board when the children are still in school. I would have to spend time after school in order to finish the bulletin board. I feel like it is one of the important characteristics as educators that you are willing to spend extra time for the work you have to do or for your children. In addition, teachers can totally control their environment in the classroom. Take my experience for example, the second grade teacher I worked with when I was in high school, she did an awesome job for her classroom environment. She had time that she could get student excited, and she had time that could get student to be in silent. For instance, she would say eyes up, and students would reply listen up. After that, the students would wait for her instructions with silence. I feel like that the example truly showed professionalism, because the teaching technique the teacher used gain respect from all the students.

Finally, educators really need to put effort into their job, and it is not easy to maintain professionalism. It really need to come from the bottom of your heart and to be passionate about teaching. The experiences I had from high school helped me see that the field of education truly involves professionalism.


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