In recent discussion of multimedia, some argue that media can become a problem in a classroom. From this perspective, people are thinking about a specific type of media. On the other hand however, others argue that media can be helpful in classrooms. According to this view, people believe media is helping them succeed in classrooms. In sum then, the issue is whether the specific kinds of media are helpful or not in classrooms.

My own view is that most of the media are helpful in the classroom, such as Podcast, videos, and blogs. For instance, Radio Willow Web from the Willowdale Elementary School in Omaha, Nebraska. I think it is helpful for students, and students will enjoy it. Another example that provides the same insight is Podcast. As we discuss in Education 270 class, if the teacher is going to be absent, the teacher can record the lesson plan on podcast. Instead of writing out everything when the teacher is sick, the teacher use podcast to tell the sub about the lesson plan. I honestly think that it saves time for the teacher. In conclusion, media are helpful if you choose the right kinds to use in classrooms.


One thought on “Multimedia

  1. Again, I like your use of the template to craft your blog posting. When possible, use this template as a way to “enter the conversation” in your writing. You’ve done nicely this term with your writing.


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