Self Identity

That was such a painful day, as I waited outside of the emergency room. Thud. Thud. I heard the sound of my heart, and didn’t know what to do. I feared losing someone close to me.

It was a normal day, and I went to school in the morning. During lunch time, I got a note that I was to leave, and went to the hospital with my mom. I was totally shocked about the fact that my grandma was in the emergency room. I felt hopeless, and began to panic. About nine thirty at night, the surgeon told us that my grandma passed away due to apoplexy. As a seven-year-old kid at that time, my tears started to fall like a running faucet, and I couldn’t stop crying.

My grandma was the person that always showed her kindness, and tried to encourage me in everything. After my grandma passed away, I began to feel lonely and could not do anything. I did not know what to do at home or at school, and I felt like everything was foggy. My grandma had such a great impact on my life, and I felt like things just became so difficult without her. From that point on, I started to tell myself that I wanted to be a doctor when I grow up. I did not want others to experience the lost I had, and did not want others to lose the people they love. I want to help save others’ lives, and help others to have a joyful life without any pain in their bodies. The tragedy I experienced in my life helped shape my character from an immature kid to a person who cares about others, and wants others’ life to fill with happiness. “Compassionate” is one of my strong characters, and it makes me want to understand others more. I went to volunteer at a nursing home every Sundays; because I want the elderlies to understand that there will have someone else that care about them. I remembered my mom told me before my grandma was alive, she said she would never send her mom to the nursing home. These words are still in my memory today, and I want others to feel that I’m there for them, and they don’t feel alone.

The plane took off from my homeland, Taiwan, and tears gathered in my eyes as I looked out the window. I arrived in Monmouth, Oregon, in June 2012, where my journey as a high school international student began. While I was in high school, I was involved with Cadet Teaching and Preschool Practicum. Those were the first time I experienced in the environment of classrooms as an educator, and it was such a wonderful experience. I began to realize how I enjoyed interacting with students. In addition, I figured out that I am so passionate about teaching.

Teaching is a work of heart, and you are responsible for the children in the classrooms. Things can really be different if you know you are doing a job that you are really passionate about (Illinois Education Association, 2015). That is what we need as educators. I truly believe that teaching involves professionalism. Educators need to be passionate about their jobs, and care about their children in the classroom. Furthermore, you have to be willing to spend extra time in order to meet the needs of your children. For instance, when I was working in second grade, there was a student that was really struggling with math. During that time, I often stayed after school a lot to discuss with my mentor teacher, and try to figure out a way to help this student. I feel like it is one of the important characteristics as educators that you are willing to spend extra time for the work you have to do or for your children.

I graduated from Santiam Christian last year, and truly enjoyed my experiences there. I decided to come to Western Oregon University, and believe that it is a wonderful place to help me achieve the goal of becoming an educator. The tragedy that I experienced when I was young, helped shaped me into a person that cares about others and becomes a great listener. Additionally, I always seek to learn and grow. I also look for opportunities to help and serve others. Furthermore, I am a hard worker, and always willing to try my best. As Bobby Unser, a professional racer declared, “success is where preparation and opportunity meet.” I am extremely eager to learn more about the field of education, and I am willing to try my best in everything. My goal is to be a successful teacher that helps solve others’ problems, and honor my grandma. Furthermore, I would like to pass on kindness that my grandma showed to others.


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