Lesson Planning

Some people might think lesson planning is unnecessary, however, I think lesson planning is an important element for educators. Lesson planning can be overwhelming sometimes, but this is the best way to be organized. My experiences with lesson planning so far are positive, and lesson plan gives me a sense of what to do in class as a teacher. Especially on ISTE, there are a lot of helpful information. In addition, there are websites that I can see with some sample lesson plans from different teachers. I pretty much think lesson plans are great and should be require in classrooms. Unfortunately, I found the section of evidence and assessment of student learning being hard, and try to think of some creative ways for students to do, such as making films, play games related to subject areas, etc. In conclusion, I pretty much enjoy doing lesson planning.


One thought on “Lesson Planning

  1. If you remember the learning theory that says we learn best by “doing,” then the best way for you to learn how to do a unit plan is to “do it.” As you progress in your studies, you will focus in on each step of the plan and learn how (to the best of your abilities) to meet the needs of all of your learners. Good luck to you in your future studies!


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