Introductory Concepts

In recent discussions of technologies, a controversial issue has been whether it is good to have technologies in classrooms. On the one hand, some argue that technologies are not helpful in classrooms. From this perspective, it talked about why technologies are bad in classrooms. On the other hand, however, others argue that teachers should give students opportunities to use technologies in classrooms. According to this view, it talked about how helpful technologies are in classrooms. In sum then, the issues is whether to have technologies in classrooms or not to have technologies in classrooms.

My own view is that there are both positive and negative influences in technologies. Though I concede that I am more leaning toward that technologies are helpful. I still maintain that there are negative parts about technologies. For example, the students can easily be distracted. Although some might object that we must have technologies in the classrooms. I would reply that sometime using pencil and notebook paper are more helpful than technologies. The issue is important because it influences everyone.


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